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Special Applications

Sometimes due to special requirements on the process conditions, a conventional heat exchanger is impractical. HED, Inc. will review process and space requirements, and tailor design a special heat exchanger to meet your conditions.

Hairpin Exchangers Brochure
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Wind Tunnel Flow Cooler 2

Wind Tunnel Flow Cooler 1
Wind Tunnel Flow Cooler

Wind Tunnel Flow Cooler 3

Bundle view (PWHT).JPG 571.2K
Bundle view (PWHT)

Duct heater.JPG 59.7K
Duct Heater

Fin tubes.JPG 576.3K
Fin Tubes

High Temperature super heater 1800 f temperature.JPG 141.9K
High Temperature Super Heater

Non Freeze bayonet heater.JPG 60.0K
Non Freeze Bayonet Heater

Shell View with refractory anchors.JPG 110.3K
Shell View w/ Refractory Anchors

Steam Superheater

Duct heater.JPG 59.7K
Flue Gas Steam Generator