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Instructions: Please fill in the below form with the details you presently have. Even if you have limited information, you may submit the form with what is available. Additionally, if you have your own datasheet or document package to submit, please feel free to direct it to sales@hed-inc.com for review.

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Performance Of One Unit

Fluid Allocation Shellside Tubeside
Fluid Name
Total Fluid Entering kg/hr / /
Vapor   / /
Liquid   / /
Steam   / /
Noncondensable   / /
Fluid Vaporized or Condensed / /
Liquid Density (In/Out) kg/m3 / /
Liquid Viscosity cP / /
Liquid Specific Heat kj/kg-C / /
Liquid Thermal Conductivity W/m-C / /
Vapor Mol. Weight (In/Out) / /
Vapor Viscosity cP / /
Vapor Specific Heat kj/kg-C / /
Vapor Thermal Conductivity W/m-C / /
Temperature (In/Out) C / /
Operating Pressure bar(g)
Pressure Drop(Allow/Calc) bar
Fouling Resistance m2-C/W
Heat Exchanged MW

Construction Data (For units that are sized)

  Shellside Tubeside
Design Temperature C / /
Tube No. Tube OD Tube Thickness
Tube Length Tube Pitch Tube Type
Tube Material        
Shell Material Shell Size Shell Cover
Channel or Bonnet Channel Cover    
Tubesheet-Stationary Tubesheet-Floating
Floating Head Cover Impingement Protection
Code Requirements
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Comments /
Additional Design Requirements
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